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Ohio, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Amanda  Abt 1836Ohio, United States I4060 Simunac-Commer 
2 Bess  Abt 1889Ohio, United States I2079 Simunac-Commer 
3 Carrie C.  Abt 1831Ohio, United States I3651 Simunac-Commer 
4 Catherine  Abt 1830Ohio, United States I3631 Simunac-Commer 
5 Jane  Abt 1813Ohio, United States I6787 Simunac-Commer 
6 Margaret  Nov 1818Ohio, United States I5417 Simunac-Commer 
7 Baker, Clarissa M.  3 Mar 1852Ohio, United States I3160 Simunac-Commer 
8 Barnett, James III  Abt 1855Ohio, United States I3613 Simunac-Commer 
9 Barnett, Robert  Abt 1857Ohio, United States I3610 Simunac-Commer 
10 Bruce, Gladys  Abt 1904Ohio, United States I3627 Simunac-Commer 
11 Carmean, Alice  Abt 1857Ohio, United States I4061 Simunac-Commer 
12 Carmean, Amanda  Abt 1841Ohio, United States I4059 Simunac-Commer 
13 Carmean, Charles  Abt 1833Ohio, United States I4056 Simunac-Commer 
14 Carmean, Eliza J.  Abt 1828Ohio, United States I4054 Simunac-Commer 
15 Carmean, John J.  Abt 1839Ohio, United States I4058 Simunac-Commer 
16 Carmean, Martha  Abt 1836Ohio, United States I4057 Simunac-Commer 
17 Carmean, Mary A.  Abt 1831Ohio, United States I4055 Simunac-Commer 
18 Carmean, Susan  May 1860Ohio, United States I4062 Simunac-Commer 
19 Clements, Virginia  Abt 1840Ohio, United States I2121 Simunac-Commer 
20 Core, Elizabeth  1828Ohio, United States I1885 Simunac-Commer 
21 Coulter, John Henry  11 Oct 1836Ohio, United States I2614 Simunac-Commer 
22 De Haven, Susanna  26 Dec 1819Ohio, United States I2582 Simunac-Commer 
23 Decook, Amelia E.  23 Jul 1868Ohio, United States I3128 Simunac-Commer 
24 Decook, Jacob  Dec 1870Ohio, United States I3127 Simunac-Commer 
25 Decook, Leonard  Abt 1856Ohio, United States I4512 Simunac-Commer 
26 Giffin, Emily Valinda  Jul 1849Ohio, United States I3090 Simunac-Commer 
27 Graft, Edward Charles  Apr 1892Ohio, United States I2696 Simunac-Commer 
28 Graft, Emma Jane  1871Ohio, United States I2794 Simunac-Commer 
29 Graft, Frances Elizabeth  16 Aug 1868Ohio, United States I2793 Simunac-Commer 
30 Graft, James  27 Aug 1855Ohio, United States I2787 Simunac-Commer 
31 Graft, John  13 Feb 1854Ohio, United States I2786 Simunac-Commer 
32 Graft, Maggie Ann  11 Jun 1866Ohio, United States I2792 Simunac-Commer 
33 Graft, Martha Jane  9 Aug 1861Ohio, United States I2790 Simunac-Commer 
34 Graft, Moses  20 Apr 1857Ohio, United States I2690 Simunac-Commer 
35 Graft, Robert  Sep 1896Ohio, United States I2700 Simunac-Commer 
36 Graft, Samuel B.  31 Oct 1864Ohio, United States I2791 Simunac-Commer 
37 Graft, Sarah Ann  29 Aug 1860Ohio, United States I2789 Simunac-Commer 
38 Graft, William H.  27 Jan 1859Ohio, United States I2788 Simunac-Commer 
39 Grunden, Arthur E.  Abt 1873Ohio, United States I7647 Simunac-Commer 
40 Grunden, Carrie  10 Dec 1876Ohio, United States I2130 Simunac-Commer 
41 Grunden, Charles E.  May 1870Ohio, United States I2129 Simunac-Commer 
42 Grunden, Thomas  1837Ohio, United States I2128 Simunac-Commer 
43 Jones, Albert G.  1 Aug 1842Ohio, United States I1847 Simunac-Commer 
44 Jones, Byron A.  8 Mar 1847Ohio, United States I1849 Simunac-Commer 
45 Jones, Leonard  (about )Ohio, United States I1848 Simunac-Commer 
46 Lane, Ellen  Abt 1835Ohio, United States I3638 Simunac-Commer 
47 Lane, Gilbert  Abt 1814Ohio, United States I3632 Simunac-Commer 
48 Lane, Gilbert  Abt 1853Ohio, United States I2074 Simunac-Commer 
49 Lane, James  Abt 1857Ohio, United States I3633 Simunac-Commer 
50 Lane, John  Abt 1825Ohio, United States I3637 Simunac-Commer 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Carmean, John Jr.  16 Sep 1894Ohio, United States I2374 Simunac-Commer 
2 Graft, Emma Jane  Bef 1882Ohio, United States I2794 Simunac-Commer 
3 Graft, James  10 Jul 1856Ohio, United States I2787 Simunac-Commer 
4 Graft, Sarah Ann  7 Sep 1860Ohio, United States I2789 Simunac-Commer 
5 Sheeler, Catherine  7 Jul 1851Ohio, United States I1898 Simunac-Commer 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Jones / Ritchey  Bef 1838Ohio, United States F343 Simunac-Commer 
2 Shepherd / Miller  Abt 1845Ohio, United States F306 Simunac-Commer 

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