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Researching surnames: Simunac, Stout, Sharp(e), Elmore, Reese, Bess, Poe, Commer, Jones, Vandyke, Evans, Ferguson, Carmean, McLeod and Baggarly


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This site was made possible through the help of many friends and family. On the Simunac-Reese-Sharp-Stout side, my mother, Betty (Sharpe) Simunac, provided much information and many pictures. Thanks also go to Wilma (Sharp) Lindsey, Marilee (Sharp) Boyd, Jane (Fraser) Peck, Danny Holt and Linda Summers. And a special thanks to Ljubo Simunac in Canada and Niko Simunac in Croatia for information and pictures from the Simunac side.

On the Commer-Evans-Jones-McLeod side, I would like to thank Paula van Huijstee from the Netherlands for helping to find all the Commers - it was my first big breakthrough. Also, Pete Commer has shared his research into the Commers. Debby Scott from Indiana took pictures of the Commer gravesites in Wheatland. Ginny Lou (Jones) Fambrough has provided much information about the McLeod and Jones side, as has Rachel (McLeod) Jones and John Paul Jones. For the Vandykes and Carmeans, Jane (Vandyke) Huff and her mother, Bertha Mae (Carmean) Vandyke have helped with family stories and pictures, as did Margaret Vandyke. Finally, Ann Laverne (Evans) Commer has provided many leads on the Evans and Ferguson branches.