Musica Ficta

Musica Ficta was a spin off of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival music apprentice program. It's members were all originally music apprentices. Musica Ficta plays "real" Renaissance music, as opposed the the Celtic folk music that most people think of as "renaissance music". Maid in the Myddle filled that niche in my life, and Musica Ficta lets me play in a more classical style.

Group members include:

Jamie Barker *

Sonya Baughman

Kristin Commer

Korey Ireland *

Mary Kerns

Chris Lindsay

Julie Orris

Joe Simunac *

Valerie Thompson *

Mindy Valcarcel

Sarah Wantoch

Jennifer Wochner

*original members


Picture Album

 Kristin, Valerie and I in costume for Twelfth Night at Avila College, February of 1996. Mary and Jamie were also in that production. mfwichita1997-2tiny.gif (9317 bytes)Mary, Kristin and I at the Kansas Newman Renaissance Faire in Wichita, KS, April 1997.
kcapp93.gif (4756 bytes)The Kansas City Renaissance Festival music apprentices at a court dance in 1993.  All the original members of Musica Ficta are here. bristol-app-small.gif (4292 bytes)The Bristol Renaissance Faire music apprentices in a lane show from 1992.

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