Our Baby

Six Months

New Pictures added on Feb. 12

Clara is six months old now. She's had her six month checkup and weighs 16 pounds 7 1/2 ounces and is 26 1/4 inches long. Quite a big girl. She also babbles up a storm whenever the mood strikes her, which is quite often. She enjoys telling us about her day. Her vocabulary is, of course, huge. She's sitting up with only minimal support (mainly someone on the sides for when she tips over) and really wants to stand on her own. She has three teeth now as well and is starting to eat rice cereal. All in all a very mature young lady.

Clara sitting with Mom on the floor.

She's a happy girl.

She still likes looking at the camera.

C'mon, let's play!

Clara enjoys playing with her ring stack.

She's pretty good at taking them apart.

But has trouble putting them back on.

Wanta help, momma?

It's getting away!

Let's pick the whole thing up.

Fun in the play center.

I want it all.

Clara really likes chewing on the star.


Clara likes her boxes.

Can you tell she's teething?

Let's go for a ride!

Cassie has decided it's her crib too.

A prelude to green beans.

Clara gets her first taste of real food (besides rice cereal).

The green beans smelled really good.

These aren't too bad at first taste.

But I'm not sure about that aftertaste.

The verdict is in. Of course, she ate quite a bit before deciding.

Clara discovers Cassie in the crib. She likes it! Cassie wasn't so sure.

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