Our Baby

Five Months

New Pictures added on January 15

Clara got to take her first long car trip this month. She's now a very well-travelled young lady. We went through 17 states on this trip. Clara travelled very well - sleeping a lot and babbling happily the rest of the time. She was very confused by all the different places we visited. She met well over 100 people during the trip - relatives and friends. At least she seemed to like everyone. And everyone seemed to like her as well.

She wasn't very lively for her official five month pictures. After all, she'd just finished three full days in the car and was a little tired.

Clara at five months.

Clara gets to sleep in the big bed. Notice how she took up so much space I had to get up.

She really wanted to cover her face with the pillow.

Clara got to visit all my old office mates at the Blue Valley District Office. Here she is with Tammy.

After meeting almost everyone there, she fell asleep.

Continuing to sleep with Shirley and Char.

When she woke up, we gave her an Easter Snoopy from Linda's shelf.

She definitely loved it.


We're not sure if it's Snoopy or the bunny ears.


She didn't want to leave him.

Awake with Tammy and Cindy.

During our quartet rehearsal at the Julie's house, Janet and Jerry discovered that Clara really liked it when people pretended to sneeze at her. Luckily, Jerry had a camera and got these pictures. She still thinks sneezing is hilarious. She finally fell asleep, exhausted with all the laughing.

One of Ginny Lou's friends brought over a bouncy chair.

Clara obviously loved it.

She could make it play music by kicking her feet. She became a virtuoso.

Clara got to have three Christmases this year. Her first got off to a good start.

Sitting with Mom and Great-grandmother Jones.

Opening her first package.

Look at this stack of stuff!

I made out like a bandit.

Actually, if everyone had given me wrapping paper, I'd have been very happy.

Nodding off again. There was just too much excitement.

Sitting with Great-grandma Jones.

She likes being rocked.

On Christmas Eve, we had Christmas with my family. Of course, I left the camera at Ginny Lou's. My sister took some pictures and has promised to send them to me. I'll put some up here as soon as she sends them (hint, hint!). Not that there was much to see - Clara slept through almost the whole thing.

Asleep on Christmas morning.

In her new Christmas dress.

She's ready to go to Arkansas.

Clara, Ginny Lou and the tree.

Preston gets his turn.

After a long drive, we finally get to have Christmas in Pine Bluff. Here she is with Mom and Grandma.

A close up.

With Great-Grandpa Jake and Great-Grandma LaVerne.

Ready for bed after a very long day.

Sleeping with Grandma Commer.

Great-aunt Laurie with Clara and Kristin.

The real inspiration for Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling.

The great-grandparents and cousin Tori with Clara.

The trains.

Clara really enjoyed the trains and her time with her grandfather.

Four generations.

Clara in her new dress.

With Grandma in front of the tree.

Home at last in my own crib!

Mom and Clara sharing a moment before dinner.

Rice cereal. What fun!

It's certainly messy.

And finger-lickin' good!!!

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