Our Baby

Four Months

New Pictures added on December 10

Clara is four months old on November18. She weighs approximately 15 pounds, so she's getting to be quite a big girl. She's definitely heavier to carry around. She's trying to talk a lot. And she loves to sit up. She has very strong tummy muscles and can just about do it on her own. She tends to list to the side a bit. Her four month checkup in is a couple of weeks and I'll fill in her exact height and weight then.

Clara had her four month check up. She now weighs (officially) 14 pounds 5 ounces and is 25 and 1/4 inches long - in the 90 percentile for both. All I know is she seems much heavier when I'm carrying her around.

Clara at four months.

Clara in her crib

She really likes the colorful wall hangings. But most of all she likes her little lamb.

Clara in her first snowsuit. It snowed on Thanksgiving, but not enough to really play in.

Clara in her playstation. She really enjoys sitting here.

Now she's ready to get out.

Pre-Christmas. Clara seems to like to play with boxes...

Kind of like the cats.


Clara falling asleep on Dad.


The two of us sleeping.


She thinks she's standing.

Four month olds are not supposed to sit unaided.

Don't tell Clara.

Can I go run around now?

Clara wants to be a giraffe - she's getting really tall.

She likes the sun - just like her mommy.

What are you looking at?

It's party time!

I'm just having too much fun in here.

Yum, water!

Clara ready to go out in her snowsuit.

She doesn't know what awaits.

Leaning against a tree in her very first snow storm. We got a total of 16 inches.

Ooops. That balance just isn't there yet.

Let's make a snow angel.

Hey! This is cold!

Get me out of here!

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