Our Baby

Three Months

New Pictures added on November 19

Clara is three months old on October 18. We had a potluck dinner at her daycare. She enjoyed all the people. She's also gained a lot of weight in the past few days. She's discovered her hands and her tongue. Her favorite activity is to jam her fist into her mouth and then pull on her tongue and make cute little burbling noises. Notice that her hair is quite tame - she's once again just out of her bath.

Clara at three months.






This is a short 35 second movie of Clara playing on the floor. It is over 1MB in size, so it will take a while to load if you are using dialup..

Another 35 second movie of Clara giggling while Daddy tickles her. She did enjoy it!

Clara playing.

Daddy with Tigger and Bella.

Clara sleeping with daddy.

Now she's starting to wake up.

Looking surprised on the floor.

Clara likes sitting in her boppy.

From another angle.

She looks very satisfied with herself.

Clara playing in her new exer-saucer.

She seems to like the globe.

She also likes to turn the wheels - each one makes a different sound.

Her legs still aren't quite long enough for her to turn herself yet.

But that's OK, because what she's looking at is so fascinating.

Asleep with her lambs and Pooh.

Clara in the bath. She finds the taste of the water interesting.

Love that hair!

Now let's get that hair combed.

In the boppy listening to Mom and Dad play some chamber music.

She approves.

Cassie gets friendly.

Clara with her pink kitty rattle.

Sitting on Dad and chewing on the poor pink kitty.

Quality time.

Asleep with pink kitty.

Tigger decides to join us.

What a big animal. Clara didn't seem to mind.

Clara with her lamb in her crib.

She seems to like the texture of the lamb.

Daddy and Clara sharing a moment.

Clara as a fashion faux-pas.

Mom and Clara - they both like denim.

What does Clara see?

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