Our Baby

Two Months

New Pictures added on October 16

Clara is two months old on September 18. She got baptized, plus we had friends visit that weekend. She was a busy little girl. She's over 10 pounds now and growing rapidly.

News flash! Clara just had her two month checkup. She is 24 inches long and weighs 12 lb 4 oz. She's certainly a big girl now. At this rate, she'll be taller than Kristin by 1 year.

Clara at two months.






Ready to go!

Clara gets baptised on her two month birthday.

She slept through it all.


She only woke up on the last organ piece.


Sitting with Andrew.

Waving her arms.

Saying goodbye to Celeste.

Cassie decides to make friends

Creeping closer.

Now she tries to take over.

Clara kicks back.

Clara spends some more time on the floor.

Stick your tongue out for the camera.

Look a little confused.

Now smile!

Spending quality time with dad.

The cats asleep.

Now some time with mom.

Looking surprised on the changing table. I wonder why?

Clara started out straight up in the crib. She ended up like this. She does like to squirm.

Clara enjoying some piano playing.

It's kind of hard to play and hold her at the same time. Posture goes out the window.

We took some pictures of Clara in a dress that her aunt Ginny Lou gave to her. We had to do it now, because she's going to outgrow this dress in short order. Notice that her hair is not quite as unruly as normal. This is what she's like just out of the bath. In five more minutes, it was back to normal.

Mom and Clara sharing a moment.

Clara in her boppy.

Family study time.

Clara likes her boppy.

Tigger and Bella have taken over my new chair.

Clara sound alseep in her crib with her lamb.

Sleeping Clara.

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