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Three Years Four Months

New Pictures added on August 23

Clara is now three years and four months old. She's in the "Why?" stage. Every other word is "why". Don't ask me why. She's a very active little girl who likes to do lots of things. Her favorite place is the Children's Museum of New Hampshire. We have to visit at least once a weekend, preferably more. She loves playing with her animals and kicking a ball and doing somersaults. She also enjoys playing the guitar and violin with Daddy. She's really looking forward to visiting all her friends and relatives in Kansas City and Pine Bluff over the holidays.

Clara at 3 years four months old.

Clara in her new dress.

At least Mama is asleep.

Cassie gets brave and lets Clara sit with her.

Playing the violin.

This is much harder than it looks.

Dad! You're wearing my hat!

Clara has a tea party.

Here's some for Little Lamb.

Now Tigger gets a cup.

Tigger is not impressed.

They both seem to be enjoying it.

I think Lamb has had a little too much!

Clara singing the the Christmas pageant at church.

Listening to the bigger kids sing.

Clara with her mask.

Clara pets Cassie as she sleeps on her bed.

Daddy and Clara at the Jones' Christmas.

Opening the gifts.

Wow - a planetarium turtle!

Clara helps decorate the tree.

She gets a baby gorilla.

Baby meets the big one.

I think they'll be friends.

Clara certainly enjoys her stuffed animals.

Clara in the princess outfit dancing with her friend Henene. (Video - 2.7 MB)

Clara tries a princess dress.

Clara becomes a package.

Almost wrapped.

The Christmas tree at the Fambrough's.

Look - I got a watch.

Now let's see what time it is.

Mima, Clara and Aunt Laurie look at Clara's new mp3 player.

We're rocking now!

Clara enjoys new cloths...

and new books.

Running around just after Christmas with no coat.

We must be in Pine Bluff.

Jumping off the porch is always fun.

The landing!

The concert with Tory and Joe.

Clara is not always a picky eater;

What a nice tree!

Clara with her cousin Margaret.

Clara is 3. Margaret is 103.

Reading the book Margaret gave her.

This penguin is fascinating.

Flying airplanes with Papa.

Look! I can fly all by myself!

You've got to tell me what's wrong!

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