Our Baby

One Month

New Pictures added on September 18

Clara is one month old on August 18. She's growing up fast.

Clara at one month.








Clara sitting with her grandmother Commer.

Now her grandfather Commer gets a turn.


Back with grandmommy.


Who am I with now?

Clara spends some time in her crib.

She's fascinated by the Pooh pictures.

The grandparents wanted pictures of Clara in a dress with her family heirloom booties. Clara was not so sure.

Looking grumpy.

Mom tries to put on the booties. Clara kicks.

We finally have them on.

That was too much work. Let's sleep.

Asleep in the deep.

But the booties are on. They were made by Clara's great-great grandmother.

Asleep with Pooh.


Tummy time!

Who's that?

Clara imitating a little bird. Sorry, no worms today.

Yoga girl.

Bath time. Clara really enjoys this.

Asleep at last.

Clara has never met a camera she didn't like. In these pictures, I kept trying to capture that cute little smile on film. She wouldn't co-operate, obviously. But the pictures were just too good, even without the smile. She certainly has a lot of expressions!

And finally asleep!

Clara likes being on her tummy.

Our friend Andrew Hafer holding Clara with momma and Bella looking on.

Clara is awake!

Now it's Celeste's turn.

Celeste Yang is another friend from Kristin's college days.

Everybody loves Clara!

Hands up, little girl.

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