Our Baby

Three Years

New Pictures added on November 30

Clara is now three years old. She is 39 inches tall and weighs 35 pounds. She's growing every day (a lot!). She's speaking more clearly and her vocabulary is quite large. She likes to read when the mood strikes her and she's learning to recognize words and sound them out - mainly letters so far. She's very sociable when she gets over being shy, and that usually doesn't take too long.

Clara at 3 years old.

Clara has her first visit to the dentist.

Boy, that was tiring.

At home after her first visit - she's worn out.

Reading with Great-Grandma Rachel.

This book is really interesting.

And there's so many more to read!

I'm having such fun!

Lexi and Clara with her new hat.

Standing with her new hat and purse.

Driving the car.

I can't wait till I get my license!

Clara loves horses.

It's not often that she gets to pet them.

They can be somewhat intimidating.

Clara examines a bottle in front of Grandpa Joe and Grandma Betty.

Opening presents.

Ribbons are always fun things.

Great-Grandpapa Paul watches.

Clara's 3rd birthday party - here comes the cake! (Video - 7.1 MB)


I love chocolate!

This is really good!

Clara plays with Keisa.

She sure likes her tummy rubbed.

Talking with Sammy and Grandma Betty.

What a pretty ornament.

Don't you like my choice of shoes?

Playing with Keisa some more.

Clara with Nicole and her class at CSDC.

This is my Mama!

Blowing out the candle.

Mima reading to Clara and Cassie.

Clara has a tea party. (Video - 4.8 MB)

I can still fit in this box - really!

Clara showing off her new underwear.

She's so proud of them!

Clara's first visit to the Children's Museum of New Hampshire. Here's the Yellow Submarine.

Look at that scenery.

I can drive this thing really well.

Putting things together.

Look what you can make with them.

Inside a kaleidoscope.

There are so many of me!

Digging for dinosaurs.

And playing with magnets.

Daddy looks so silly.

The musical wall.

Putting Cassie to bed.

Be quiet! She needs her rest.

Good night, sweet Cassie.

Clara smiling in front of the closet.

It's so rare when we actually get her to pose for us.


Look at that smile!

Wearing Mama's sunglasses.

Clara went to the Harvest Festival at CSDC.

Alice painted her face.

Visiting the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens with Jennifer.

I'm sitting in a fairy house. The one built is much smaller.

Sitting on a rock with Mama and Daddy.

Clara and the pumpkin.

Our little Snow White.

With the shiny teeth.

Sitting with Morgan.

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