Our Baby

2 Years 11 Months

New Pictures added on July 27

Clara is now two years and eleven months old.

Clara at 2 years, 11 months.

It's a mess. I'd better get out of here!

Playing in a box.

Nobody will find me in here.

Our little princess.

Don't I look cute.

Ooops! The crown is slipping.

Who cares? I still have my horses.

Clara sings her ABCs and plays the guitar (all at once!) (Video - 4 MB)

Clara plays her first violin.

How'd that go again, Daddy?

Are you sure this is the right way?

OK, now let's march!

Clara plays the violin. (Video - 7.5 MB)

Waiting in line at Story Land.

Clara gets to drive a car.

I could really be a race driver some day.

On the Safari Train.

Look at those elephants!

What's that, Mama?

Wow, look over there.

On the regular train with Daddy.

Hey, I want to do that.

Waiting in line with Mama.

Look at me!

On the shoe ride with Mama.

This is fun.

Waving to the crowd.

Waiting for the Polar Coaster.

Strapping in.

Clara finishes her very first roller coaster ride.

Mama gets her ready for the carousel.

I like to ride horses.

Looking at Cinderella's slipper.

Sitting ont he small throne.

I like the big one better.

Wow, it's Cinderella!

Do I really want to look out of here.

Hey, everyone! Here I am!

Mounting a horse.

Now I can ride!

The science place.

Putting the balls in.

Can I help shoot it?

Now I get to drive a tractor.

This is OK...

But driving cars is more fun.

Clara gets her toes painted.

Working on the computer.

This is a complicated program.

Computers are fun!

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