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2 Years 10 Months

New Pictures added on July 26

Clara is now two years and ten months old. She started the month visiting her grandparents in Pensacola, Florida. She had a great time there. And her vocabulary and grammar also improved tremendously. She is becoming much more active (if that's even possible). She can now turn a somersault with no help and has very good balance. She's starting to show an interest in playing the various instruments we have around the house - without help, of course. She knows all her letters and their sounds, as well as all her numbers up to 20. Most of the time. She really likes doing things as a family.

Clara at 2 years, 10 months.

Visiting the Pensacola Zoo.

Clara gets face to face with a giraffe.

Would you like some food?

Try some of this.

What a long tongue!

I hope you enjoyed that.

Clara looks at the donkeys.

And the goats.

Mama and Clara on the train.

A five-day old baby zebra with his mother.

Clara rides a zebra.

Looking at the hippos.

The baby orangutan is sure interested in the humans.

A peacock overhead.

Showing his feathers.

An impressive array.

Eating by the shore.

Clara finds the cat toys at Jess and Ann's.

Petting Moses.

Ready to go in her new swimsuit.

Clara with Daddy at the Chalue's Memorial Day get-together.

Wake up, Mama!

Clara tries to get a little more sleep.

Wow! Shoes to play with.

They're mine!

OK, I give up.

You can have the shoes. I'd rather chase Cassie.

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