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2 Years 9 Months

New Pictures added on June 22

Clara is now two years and nine months old. She is absorbing information at an amazing rate. She's a very good mimic, so you have to be very careful what you say around her. And it's not just her parents. She will repeat back anything she hears from anyone. She's showing a lot of interest in music, but only in spurts. Same with art. She likes to read, especially before bed. And she likes to watch Pooh on DVD. She's becoming much better with the cats, but still tends to get a little exuberant. She's had a tough time this month. First Daddy went to a conference in Anaheim for 5 days and then Mama was in Paris for a week. Clara really likes having the whole family together.

Clara at 2 years, 9 months.

Clara plays the piano and sings. She does enjoy this. (Video - 16.5 MB)

Clara sings, while accompanying herself on the piano and bodhran, then learns some more about right and left (Video - 19.1 MB)

The cats sleeping together.

Clara takes a picture of Daddy.

I don't want my picture taken.

I can't see you!

Clara in Pensecola at the pond.

Now on the beach.

Playing in the water.

She sees the turtles.

Clara sits on the couch with Mama.

Love those Pringles Sticks!

And I like watching TV too!

Clara on the playground.

Papa helps her up.

Getting ready to swing.

I like my new sunglasses.

Fun on the slide.

Ooops! There was water on here. Let's clean it up.


Mima and Papa having some fun.

Mima and Clara.

Clara gets to play miniature golf.

I'm going to make a hole in one.

That's really a nice view, Daddy.

Sitting by the waterfall.

On the last hole.

The alligator is my friend!

Swimming with Mama.

The water sure is nice here in Florida.

I like to shovel the water in my bucket.

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