Our Baby

2 Years 8 Months

New Pictures added on April 27

Clara is now two years and eight months old. She is starting to speak in complete sentences (as you'll see from the videos I put up later) and using lots of new words every day. She's definitely a sponge. She's also starting asking "What's this?" about everything. Only a short step from there to "Why?". I can't wait! Her physical abilites are also improving rapidly. She now goes down the stairs one at a time instead of both feet on one step. And she can certainly outrun her parents whenever she wants to. She's started playing the pennywhistle and the bodhran and would like to learn guitar and violin too. And she sings constantly. Now if only we could get her to eat normally again. She still is very picky and it's always a challenge to get a good meal into her. This will be a stressful month for her, as first Daddy is going away for a week to a conference and Mama goes to a different one as soon as Daddy gets back.

Clara at 2 years, 8 months.

Clara likes to read.

This page is especially interesting.

I wonder what that is?

This cover is very nicely done.

No, you can't borrow it.

Wait - it says what???

Clara begins her hunt for Easter eggs.

Look! Here's another one.

Putting them in the bucket.

Could there be some in the tent?

I've got to find them all!

And there's some in the tunnel, too.

Wow! Look at all the eggs on the stairs.

Mama helps with some loose change.

Filling the new piggy bank.

Clara has fun on Easter morning. (Video - 22.5 MB)

Clara at Harrison's 3rd birthday party.

Carrying around the dinosaur.

I wonder what the mailman left?

I know all my letters!

Look Mama! A horse!

Playing in the rice.

OK, what else can I get into?

Putting on the apron.

Now we pour in the water.

And mix the batter.

Time to start cooking.

Wow, this looks good!

The whipped cream is the best part.

And the strawberries are pretty good, too.

Get back on that fork!

Playing with the birthday boy.

This rice is sure fun. Wonder why we can't do this at home?

In the castle.

Eating ice cream!

Yes, it's chocolate.

Clara covers up Mama. (Video - 5.4 MB)

Where is Mama?

I knew I'd find a good use for this bucket.

Now what else can I put on?

Clara hiding under her blanket. (Video - 13.8 MB)

I like hiding under the blanket.

You'll never guess what I've got.

And I'm not going to show you, either!

This game sure is funny!


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