Our Baby

2 Years 7 Months

New Pictures added on March 23

Clara is now two years and seven months old. I'm constantly amazed at her use of words. She's putting together ideas and coming up with new sentences on her own. She's also starting to make music. She'll play the bodhran while I play guitar or violin. And she likes to toot on the pennywhistle. She also enjoys setting the guitar pick on the bodhran and watching it bounce as she hits it. Clara still doesn't like sleeping too much. She might miss something. She got to watch the lunar eclipse on Feb. 20 and was quite excited. She enjoys shadows and had such fun telling me about the shadow going across the moon. Plus she got to stay up late. She is naming letters when she sees them and enjoys learning new words. And yes, she's still very active. The hardest part now is getting her to sit still for any pictures. She really doesn't like the camera.

Clara at 2 years, 7 months.

Cassie is sleeping with Clara.

This is a very unusual occurence.

Usually Cassie runs away as fast as possible.

Notice that Clara curled up in Mama and Daddy's bed.

Clara in her tent.

She likes bringing in her pillow and blanket.

What are you lookin' at?

Let's open this window.

Would you like to come in too?

Did you really think I'd be asleep?

Daddy and Clara ready to go play in the snow.

This is going to be fun!

And I really like my hat!

Clara models her new crown.

This fits much better than the old one.

Mama will help me walk.

I'm even wearing my slippers.

Taking a nap with Cassie.

Daddy, Clara and Cassie take a nap.

Cassie is being very brave.

Clara wears her new dress.

It's actually one of Mama's t-shirts.

I'll get on the bed now.

Look what I've got, Cassie!

Clara with her dress and bracelet and necklace.

Mama is happy, too.

She couldn't even make it to the couch.

So sleepy.

It was a long day!

Clara plays basketball at the party.

Sitting with Emma, her best friend.

They want us to do what?

Emma has her pizza. Clara waits patiently.

Clara plays and runs at Emma's party. (Video - 30 MB)

Clara with her new necklace and balloon after the party.

Look, the balloon floats!

It got away!

But I can still reach it.

This is a nice necklace.

I sure had fun!

Clara playing with the noisemaker and wearing her crown. (Video - 9.4 MB)


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