Our Baby

2 Years 6 Months

New Pictures added on February 23

Clara is now two years and six months old. Her vocabulary is growing rapidly. She's putting together complete sentences quite often and uses her new words all the time. She still likes reindeer, but doesn't see as many since Christmas is over. Clara is getting quite tall. She's now tall enough to hit her head on doorknobs, if she's not careful. Her playpen was retired when she started climbing out of it. She's a very curious little girl and tries to get into everytning. Her new favorite movie (for this week, at least) is The Last Unicorn.

Clara at 2 years, 6 months.

Clara plays with Daddy's stocking cap.

It may be a little big...

Time to move on to more important things.

Clara likes to smile.

Still smiling.

Now it's smiling at the TV.

The tent and tunnel that Clara got for Christmas.

Clara checks them out.

It's fun being inside too...

...especially when Daddy is inside with me.

Clara wears a rag as a hat.

I just can't look!

Aren't I the height of fashion?

Clara wraps up Mama and is very meticulous about it. (Video - 20.3 MB)

Clara decorates Cassie.

Cassie is not too sure about this.

Good thing Mama is holding her.

I wonder if I can fit this basket on too.

Clara the princess.

Do you like my crown.

She's decided lately that dresses and crowns and slippers are fun things.

And she can smile too.

Most of the time she's concentrating to make sure the crown doesn't fall off.

OK, they're not glass slippers.

Collapsed beside Daddy.

Clara drew this without any help. It's a horse (in case you have trouble deciphering it).


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