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2 Years 5 Months

New Pictures added on January 19

Clara is now two years and five months old. She is all ready for our Christmas trip back to Kansas City and Pine Bluff. Clara's vocabulary is growing rapidly and also her ability to construct coherent sentences. She has a very good memory. She has all her books memorized, as well as the dialog and songs for all her movies. She'll recite with the characters on screen. She is becoming much calmer around the cats and they are letting her pet them, which makes her very happy. She's fascinated by reindeer and snowmen.

Clara at 2 years, 5 months.

Clara uses her stacking cups to make Little Lamb a hat.

And he can eat out of the yellow one.

Lamb sure is hungry.

Clara pets Sammie.

Clara running.

Let's play with the fireplace.

Helping to decorate the tree.

Boy, this is tiring.

Clara helps to decorate the Christmas Tree. (Video - 11.2 MB)

Sleeping with Mama.

Yum! Yogurt!

And it's messy too!

Opening presents at the Jones family Christmas.

I wonder what's in this one?

Oh boy! A puzzle!

This is going to be fun.

Look at all the pieces I can lose.

I think this one is a book.

I'll let Daddy read it. I'm busy with this puzzle!

Clara opening presents. (Video - 5.8 MB)

One of the bird feeders in the snow.

Clara is trapped inside!

So let's have some fun.

A cardinal in the tree.

Now at the bird feeder.

It's actually getting along with the other birds.

Clara helps shovel the snow.

Look! I've got a snowball!

Daddy sure does a good job of shovelling.

Unfortunately, he's too slow.

So I'm off to blaze my own trail.

Let's get the snow off this swing.

Lexi and Clara

Lexi, Clara and Max.

Bob, Emily and Lexi.

Let's start opening those presents.

Mama and Clara open one.

Max's turn.

Look at those eyes!

Clara gets a shirt.

Kristin, Clara and Lexi.

Cousin Nick and Bob get shirts too.

What's that, Mama?

Max is enjoying his presents.

Lexi has polar bears.

Still more presents to go.

Kate gets a cook book.

Max is willing to share his sippy cup.

Clara does enjoy the unwrapping part.

Max and the box.

Finally inside it.

Clara tries to help.

The Fambrough Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

Clara reads her new book.

Look! A Curious George DVD!

Is that what I think it is?

Yes, It's playdough!

The table is set at sunrise.

Clara plays with her playdough on Christmas morning (Video - 4.0 MB)

Clara and Daddy take a nap.

She's so sweet when she's asleep.

Clara and Mama getting ready to open presents.

The Commer tree.

Clara loves tins - no matter what is in them.

Gimme five!

A penguin! My favorite!

Let's get this paper off.

It's mine, Mama!

Clara plays while Kristin and Catherine talk.

Clara and cousin Tori.

You sure have nice hair.

Now let me get that thing out of it!

The tickling of the feet.

A sleeping Clara.

Aunt Laurie plays with Clara.

With Tori and Laurie.

My cousins are sure fun!

The trains.

Down the hall.

Clara learning how to run the trains.

This is fun!

Clara follows the trains.

Look, it's going under the bed!

Snow on New Year's Day - our back yard.

And our front yard. Such a nice homecoming!

Peanut butter and jelly is one of my favorite foods.

Cassie watches as Daddy and Clara take a nap.

Cassie would rather be involved.

Clara plays with her playdough and talks to Mama. (Video - 17.7 MB)


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