Our Baby

2 Years 4 Months

New Pictures added on January 5

Clara is now two years and four months old. She is cutting two more teeth now, so she's been crabby lately. Plus lots of eating and sleeping, which means lots of growing. She slept through Thanksgiving dinner - we weren't about to wake her - so she had her meal later. She's also been playing with the cats a lot more lately. She's becoming more calm around them (most of the time) so they'll actually stick around to get petted. I know they like that too. Clara's vocabulary is growing quickly. She mimics everything, of course, but is also starting to put together sentences that make sense. It's nice having her communicate with words.

Clara at 2 years, 4 months.

Having fun with Daddy.

This makes me giggle.

Mama, stop making that face!

You are too funny.

Besides, Daddy's holding me so I'm very happy.

Upside-down girl.

Reading Pooh with Daddy.

I can follow along pretty well.

The Pooh stories are my favorite.

Please say that again. I didn't catch it.

Clara feeds Pumpkin Kitty (a Hallowe'en present) and then puts him to bed - in her own inimitable fashion. (Video - 10.8 MB)

Clara plays with Little Lamb.

He likes being up high - just like the cats.

I sure love you, Little Lamb.

Tigger and Cassie in the corner.

Cassie is being an ostrich.

Clara reads her books.

How can she see with all that hair in her face?

Clara trying to get away from Mama.

Look at that!


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