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2 Years 3 Months

New Pictures added on November 17

Clara is now two years and three months old. It will be Hallowe'en again this month. More costumes. Clara is very busy at school every day. It's been pretty nice in New Hampshire and they've been playing outside a lot. Clara has been growing rapidly and her vocabulary is getting better and better. She's also pronouncing her words quite clearly. She still loves all animals and really wants to be friends with Cassie and Tigger - both of whom are still very leery of letting her too close. She has a new favorite movie - The Jungle Book.

Clara at 2 years, 3 months.

Clara reads with Daddy.

This is a pretty good book.

What's going to happen next?

Quick, turn the page!


There's nothing better!

Clara in her bed...

but not quite ready for sleep yet.

Clara in her wood nymph costume.

Getting a hug from Daddy.

With Mama.

Emma, Clara and Madeline.

Trying to figure out what it's all for.

Aren't we cute?

Oh look - an empty bed. Notice that the costume didn't last long.

Time for some bouncing.

Even Harrison joins in - it's his bed, after all.

There's something on the wall.

I really enjoy this bouncing.

Relaxing for a moment.

Emma tries to figure out the pom-poms.

For those who either don't know or don't remember what a party for two year olds is like, here's a video reminder. (Video - 7.5 MB)

Just one more bounce!

Playing with the quilt.

Sitting in Harrison's closet. Look at all these toys!

Reading a book to Mama and little lamb.

I really can read, you know.

This is a funny part.

Join in, Mama!

Clara visits the Boston Children's Museum.

They have some neat toys here.

And look at this thing...

Water! How did they know what I like?

I've got a boat just like this at home.

I'm not going to let any old frog get in my way.

Maybe he'll turn into a prince!

Clara plays chess - just like her Daddy.

Can you show me how to play?


Come on. I can do it just fine by myself.

Clara and Daddy play with bubbles. (Video 4.5 MB)

Fun things to do with golf balls.

Wow! This is a neat thing!

Someday I'll be able to weave as well as Mama.

Looking into Boston from the front of the Museum.


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