Our Baby

Two Weeks

New Pictures added on August 18

Clara had her two week checkup. She now weighs 7 pounds and is 21 inches. Very healthy. And eating all the time (when she's not asleep). Dad and Mom are both a little tired.

Clara is beginning to enjoy her baths. Very squirmy.


Clara with her Aunt Ginny Lou, who came for a visit this week.


The proud aunt and Clara.


I finally caught that smile.

Caught it again!



Ooops! Now she's asleep again.


Clara asleep with mom.

Clara with her momma. Why can't she do this at night?



A family portrait.


She's really asleep now.


Chubby cheeks and a double chin. That's what lots of food will do for you.

Clara and Bella are at least co-existing nicely - in Dad's lap.

Our good friends Janet and Julie Orris came to visit. Here's Janet with Clara.

Janet and Clara with Cassie and Kristin in the background. All the cats like that box.

Julie gets her turn with the baby.

Tigger and Bella being brother and sister.

Hands up! Clara asleep again.

Don't bother me, Dad.

Kristin's best friend Jen Wochner holding Clara. Jen just came back from a summer in Africa.

Kristin, Jen and Clara.

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