Our Baby

2 Years 2 Months

New Pictures added on October 28

Clara is now two years and two months old. She just enjoyed a trip back to Kansas City for her Auntie Em's (my sister Emily) wedding. She had lots of fun playing with all the other children. She stayed with her Aunt Ginny Lou and Uncle Preston and got to visit her Grandparents (Betty and Joe) and her Greatgrandparents (Paul and Rachel). As always, she really enjoyed running through the airports waiting for planes. Clara is starting to speak in complete sentences, although still not often. She is, of course, still growing. And running. And climbing. And running some more. Have I mentioned the running?

Clara at 2 years, 2 months.

Clara combs combs her hair.

A quiet moment with Daddy and Little Lamb.

Come on, Daddy. Let's go!

Clara meets a horse close up!

Wow! What an interesting nose.

The grey one is nice too!

Asleep in the car.

Clara finally finds a cat that doesn't run away.

Sammie likes to be petted.

I sure love you, Sammie!

Clara plays with Keisa. (Video - 4.8 MB)

Keisa on her bed.

Clara still likes Keisa.

You sure look good in that hat!

Clara walks in Grandma Betty's shoes.

These are really fun shoes.

And I can get around quite well, thank you.

Clara really likes Keisa.

Come on and give me a hug!

Did you see that?

Clara walks around in Grandma Betty's shoes and becomes friends with Sammie. (Video - 7.5 MB)

Clara tries corn on the cob for the first time.

Hey, this is pretty good!

Why haven't I had this before (hint - she was too picky to eat it!)?

You know I'm going to want more, right?

Aunt Ginny Lou reading to Clara before we leave.

This is fun! Can I stay here?

Clara has her purse and her hat...

And her Mama's shoes.

She's ready to go!

Down the stairs and then out!

C'mon, Mama. You can wear this shoe.

See - I told you!

Clara asleep on the floor.

So peaceful!


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