Our Baby

Two Years

New Pictures added on August 12

Clara is now two years old. She weighs 28 pounds 2 ounces and is over 35 and 1/4 inches tall. She had a wonderful second birthday visiting friends and relatives in Kansas City. She met lots of new animals (including alpacas) and got in lots of running. She is a very energetic little girl. She's still shy when meeting people for the first time, but gets over her shyness quickly. She travelled very well on the plane and in the car. Her vocabulary increased dramatically during her Kansas City visit. Everyone talked with her and she learned lots of new words. She's started to say "Dear me" and says "Bless you" when someone sneezes. She also got to try lots of new food. She liked some of it, but not all by any means. She's becoming quite picky. She's happy to be back in her own house and her own bed now.

Clara at two years.

Clara shows off her marching abilities for our friends at Blue Valley.

She still thinks it's the Fourth of July.

A lighter moment with Daddy.

Clara fell asleep in the car on the way to the dentist.

Asleep in the dentist's office.

She slept for three and a half hours and woke up on the way back to Baldwin.

Visiting with Sammy and Grandma Betty.

Look! It's Keisa!

Clara plays with Keisa. (Video - 1.9 MB)

Clara admires her birthday cake.

The animal crackers are good.

In fact, the whole thing is good...

Finger lickin' good!

Mama watches.

I could eat chocolate cake all day long.

Excuse me. Is there any more?

Granddad gets his cake - with trains!

Clara gets to play with the trains.

This is soooo cool!

A train montage. (Video - 12.4 MB)

Clara dons her Grandpa Joe's Chiefs cap.

And plays with the trains.

I know I can make these things go!

Play ball! Clara could be an umpire.

Clara gets a Garfield flashlight from her grandfather and great-grandmother.

Do you think he'll bite?

The tail is pretty interesting.

Wow, I like this thing!

Hi! My name is Clara! What's yours?

Another package?

I wonder what's in this one?

Someone really knows how to wrap!

Could it be?

Yes! A penguin!

Here, Granddad. Keep it safe.

And yet another card.

I can almost read this one.

Great-grandpa will help me!

What could be in this bag?

Wow! A visor!

I wonder how it goes on?

Oh, like this.

And a purse too.

This is the best birthday ever!

Now Mama will help me.

It sure looks interesting.

What could it be?

A really pretty dress - and just my size.

I like reading the cards.

OK, time to run now.

Four generations.

Looks like they're having fun.

Clara with her new watering can.

I can water plants.

Maybe if I water my shoes they'll grow too.

Where'd all the water go?

It's got to be in there somewhere.

A bucket is always fun too.

Everything's right here if I need it.

Let's wash the ball.

The friendly snake who lives under the porch.

Going to meet the alpacas.

They found Clara fascinating.

And Clara really enjoyed touching them.

They were so soft.

A close encounter.

How about a kiss?

Petting Pepper.

Another alpaca kiss.

Pepper, Penny and Buddy get some attention.

Clara gets to feel alpaca wool.

Look! There's more.

Can we get some at home, Daddy?

Lexi and Clara racing in the hall.

They could move very quickly.

A quieter moment.

The big race! (Video - 1 MB)

My sister Emily and her fiance Bob.

Cousins Lexi, Katie and Max.

Clara likes her Daddy.

Clara with her new baby doll.

My parents on their 65th anniversary. Congratulations!

Clara decides to use a washcloth as her hat.

Running down the hall. And it doesn't fall off.

You can't have it - it's mine!

I think I'll patent this invention.

Clara playing with Daddy. (Video - 3.5 MB)


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