Our Baby

Twenty-Three Months

New Pictures added on July 17

Clara is now twenty-three months old. She weighs about 28 pounds (and seems to be growing daily) and is close to three feet tall. She's a very verbal little girl and is putting together phrases and short sentences. Here favorite ones right now are "Here you go", "It's mine!", and the ever-ubiquitous "No!". She likes to read - Peter Pan is her current favorite - and her favorite movie is Mary Poppins. She can sing most of the songs (although she doesn't get all the words yet) and knows all the characters. Of course, you can always get her away from the TV by suggesting we go to the park. Playing on the swings is her absolute favorite activity - even more than eating. Clara will also get some fish for her aquarium this weekend and her new bed should arrive early next week. I'll have pictures as soon as they're here. She's really looking forward to visiting her grandparents and great-grandparents (and other assorted relatives) when we go to Kansas City in mid-July.

Clara at twenty-three months.

Look at my book!

Mama, what are you doing over there?

Made you look!

Stop making those faces.

The roses at the end of our driveway.

Kristin's garden in back.

Clara's new fish. Here are the coral beauty and the damsel fish.

And the long-nosed butterfly.

Cassie asleep in the laundry.

Clara's new bed. She's slowly getting used to it.

Of course, she can sleep just about anywhere.

Even on the changing table!

What's on the menu for today?

Well, milk, for one thing. And Little Lamb to help drink it.

And it's even better when I take it out of my bowl!

Trying on Daddy's shoes.

Ooops! Caught! I've got to run away now.

Get that quilt off this bed!

There. That's much better.

Waiting for Mama to come home.

Is that her?

OK, time to go give her a hug!

Clara sings Winne the Pooh. (Video - 1.5 MB)

Watching Winnie the Pooh with Mama.

This really is my favorite movie!

And my juice is good too.

Let's all roll on the floor.

I don't want my picture taken!

Well, are you going to pick me up?

Little Lamb! At last!

Clara asleep with her animals.

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