Our Baby

Twenty-Two Months

New Pictures added on June 7

Clara is now twenty-two months old. As always, she is growing rapidly. We're going to get her a toddler bed this weekend. And her vocabulary is increasing by leaps and bounds. She now uses phrases and complete sentences far more than single words to ask for things or tell us about her day. And she enunciates quite well on most words. She loves spending time outdoors and wants to go to the park every chance she gets. The swings are still her favorite thing there. She also still loves her Disney movies - Lady and the Tramp is her current favorite. She knows all the characters in all the movies and isn't shy about saying there names. She is definitely becoming more independent all the time.

Clara at twenty-two months.

Cassie checks out the situation.

Cassie the acrobat.

Now for my most difficult move.

Ta da!!!!!

Clara runs around the house and talks constantly. Not an unusual occurrence. (Video - 9.3 MB)

Oh boy! A laundry basket!

Let's see what I can find in here.

A sock. Now to make my getaway!

Digging through laundry baskets is hard work. Time for a rest.

Clara can now count to 10 and does so often. Here she also decides that the camera is hers and does a portion of her ABCs. (Video - 6.5 MB)

Tigger sleeps with the papers.

Clara decides to wear her ribbons.

You can't catch me!

I think I'll become a fashion designer.

Clara and Daddy walk along the shore at Odidorne Point.

Clara looks for rocks and shells. She found lots.

Time to head back.

Family photo.

Yes, there was a playground there.

That means more time on the swings.

Playing with the tubes and slides.

Maybe I can hide in here.

Can't find me now.

This is a slide?

Cool! I'll go down it now.

Playing with dandelions.

These white ones are really neat.

Think I'll sit down and rest.

But Daddy, I don't want to go home.

Clara sings and washes her hands. She really likes to do that lately and will stand at the sink for as long as you'll let her. (Video - 3.9 MB)

Let's scare away the parents before I eat.

Little Lamb gets to watch.

I'm really good using the spoon.

Of course, if all else fails...

Clara has started wrapping herself up in blankets.

Of course, she won't do it when she's in bed.

Here she is watching some Mary Poppins.

Clara decides to open a drawer.

Maybe I can get it from this side.

Here we go!

Clara enjoys sing-alongs - even if I'm making it up as I go along. (Video - 1.5 MB)

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