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Twenty-One Months

New Pictures added on May 17

Clara is now twenty-one months old. She is a very active little girl and loves to run. She will basically run until she drops. She still likes to read and to watch Winnie the Pooh, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Peter Pan, The Muppet Show or Lady and the Tramp. She can now name all the characters (when she's in the mood). Her vocabulary is growing rapidly and she is using longer sentences too. She's beginning to cut her two year molars, so she's not always in a good mood, unfortunately. And she's still growing rapidly - her head almost reaches the doorknobs now.

Clara at twenty-one months.

A fun moment with Mama.

Watching some Pooh.

Sitting with Dad.

This carrot cake is so good!

I score!

No, you can't take my picture now.

Look, I'm all done. How about some more?

Clara decided that Kristin needed to take a nap. She brought her a stuffed animal and ribbon and tries to cover her with a scarf. We have no idea what she's saying (or singing), but she certainly seems to enjoy doing it. (Video - 7.2 MB)

Clara is starting to sing the theme song to Winnie the Pooh. She also knows all the characters and is not afraid to tell you about it. (Video - 4 MB)

Now where did I put that?

Maybe it's in here.

Nope - gotta look elsewhere.

Hah! I found it in the bathtub!

Now to get ready for bed.

Has anyone seen my crib?

Watching TV on the floor - just like Daddy did when he was a child.

Dancing with Tigger.

Pooh gets serious.

Sometimes the shirt just gets in the way.

Clara swings in the bigger kids swing for the very first time.

I can't go as high because there are no straps.

But the freedom! This is really fun!

Back in my regular swing and I still enjoy it!

It's spring in New Hampshire.

The trees are starting to bud and it's very pretty.

The view towards Kristin's office.

Clara really likes her ice cream.

It's so tasty on a hot day.

Plus I can make a real mess if I want to.

I can't wait till I get even more!

Clara spends some time with Mama - but really wants to get away.

What's on TV?

Whatever it is, I like it!

Clara marches to her own drummer. (Video - 8MB)

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