Our Baby

Nineteen Months

New Pictures added on March 24

Clara is now nineteen months old. Her vocabulary is increasing by leaps and bounds. She has names for most things now and knows how to ask for things by name - especially The Muppets, her favorite show. She loves to read and names many of the characters as we go along. She's even starting to put together short phrases. She's also still running more than ever. She's really getting fast. The cats like her a lot more now because she has settled down a bit and doesn't yell at them when she sees them. She really enjoys her day care and playing with all the other children. And, as you can see, her hair is really getting long!

Clara at nineteen months.

Cousin It!

On the go with Little Lamb.

Now I've got a basket.

And I can put Lamb in it.

Lamb enjoys the ride.

Clara is starting to sing a lot! (video - 5.5 MB)

Clara can reach the keyboard now.

With both hands.

She really enjoys playing.

Clara plunks out a tune. (video - 2.25 MB)

Watching the KU basketball game with Daddy.

This is sure exciting!

Go KU!

I love macaroni and cheese.

And I don't like being neat, either.

There's got to be some more in there.

Just like Pooh eating honey - it's good to the last drop.

Slinky time in my room.

Hey, that's Pooh and Piglet!

Time for a little read.

Talking to something on the floor.

Clara helps Daddy sing Twinkle, Twinkle - then takes off on her own improvisation. (video - 9 MB)

Clara with her grandmother Commer.

Look, I stole the Desitin.

Now I'll hide it so no one can find it.

Sweeping with grandma.

On the move.

I still like to read.

And grandmom reads really well.

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