Our Baby

Eighteen Months

New Pictures added on February 17

Clara is now eighteen months old. She is now 24 pounds 11 ounces and 31 and 3/4 inches tall. She is growing rapidly. She has almost all her teeth, except the two year molars, of course. And she's really increasing her vocabulary. She's starting to speak actual phrases now, when the mood strikes her. More often it's "No" or "Yellow" (her two favorite words). Clara is running as much as ever - still a bundle of energy. She's taken to running in circles until she gets dizzy. She also likes to read and sing and play with her Little Lamb and other stuffed animals. She's becoming more friendly with the cats. She's also been playing the piano with Daddy.

Clara at eighteen months.

It sure is nice being held.

What are you looking at, anyway?

Help! The Daddy-Monster has me!

I'm being carried off!

Clara is a UNH kid.

Of course, she won't give up the pacifier yet.

And she looks pretty smug about it.

Nicole, Clara's principal day care provider at the CSDC, got these still pictures and video of Clara helping to feed one of the other children. Thanks, Nicole, for giving us these pictures.

Getting some food in the spoon.

Peter helps out.


Clara feeding Peter on video. (2.0 MB)

Clara plays with her new doll house.

I wonder what's in here?

So I put this piece in here.

There's so many things to figure out!

Clara with her pigtails.

A close-up. Actually, she just turned away from the camera at the wrong time.

On the run again.

It's almost bath time.

That means I'm outta here!

Look! Toothpaste!

Daddy sings and Clara moves -video (1.2 MB)

Running in circles - video (1.5MB)

Clara plays in the basement - video (8.5 MB)

Clara reads with Dad.

These books are really fun!

What's this word again?

Clara talks and reads her ABC book and imitates everything - video (7.5 MB)

It's the Muppets!

A very unusual picture - all three cats together.

Clara sleeping.

Let's play in the snow.

Standing in the driveway is not quite as cold.

I'll make a run for it.

I've got so many clothes I can hardly move.

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