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Seventeen Months

New Pictures added on January 14

Clara is now seventeen months old. This has been a fun time for her. We visited the family in Kansas City and Pine Bluff over Christmas. Clara didn't remember most of them, but soon learned who was who. Plus she had five different Christmases. So many packages to open. She met lots of animals - dogs, cats, roosters and horses. She got to see her first horse close up and pet him, too. The plane rides were a little boring, but she had lots of fun running through the terminals between flights. At least it helped Daddy to sleep well! She has added more teeth and grown a lot, and her vocabulary has grown tremendously. Still, after all her adventures, she was most excited to get back home to her own house and crib and animals.

Clara at seventeen months.

Clara spends some quiet time with Dad.

This is soooo rare!

OK, now read to me, please.

Meeting Lucy Goose for the first time.

Let's meet Keisa.

What an interesting creature.

She looks pretty big.

Maybe if I gradually get closer.

Now this is fun!

But it's time to be off and running.

Clara gets a little exercise while getting used to the dog. (5.3 MB)

Grandma Betty with Sammy showing Clara a coaster.

Look, there's stuff on this table.

Paper! Just what I was looking for.

You'll never catch me now!

Clara meets Lucas at Luyben Music. She does like dogs.

Reading the paper.

The sports section is lots of fun!

Christmas for the Jones family - Clara's first of the year.

Let's open the first package.

Look - books!

I'll start reading right away.

Time to run off some energy.

Wrapping paper!

Thanks, GreatGram!

Daddy gets a shirt - I get the ribbon.

Let me down!

This ribbon is the most fun of all!

Now I'll dance.

Karnak, err, Clara the Magnificent.

I do too know what to do with a spoon.

You need a hat, Daddy.

Now I want to wear it.

Some quiet time with my wrapping paper.

Smiling with the pacifier.

Now let's run some more!

Visiting Grandma Betty and the animals.

Sharing a laugh with Grandpa Joe.

Again, it's time to run.

Clara in a box.

I see you!

Where's Clara?

Clara of Arabia.

Clara in her new Christmas dress.

Thanks for holding me, Mama!

I like this dress.

Of course, you can't expect me to stay in a dress forever. Especially when there are dogs around!

Lexi and Clara with Keisa.

Emily and Clara with Keisa. That dog got soooo much attention!

Now the gifts. Clara gets to open her first package.

So what is it exactly?

I think cousin Max got more interesting stuff.

I really love wrapping paper!

Relaxing with Daddy.

Opening presents really wears you out.

The whole family.

OK, now with Nick included.

Clara makes friends with Max. He's four months old.

Pacifiers are good things! Try one!

Max tries to fly (or swim, I'm not sure which).

The tree at the Fambrough's on Christmas morning.

Clara loves her caterpiller.

And some food too!

Now Daddy gets to read.

Clara at her first Commer Christmas.

Now I can help Mama with the vacuuming.

These blocks are lots of fun - and easy to put together.

Wow! My very own horse!

Riding horses is certainly fun.

I'll sweep everyone off their feet.

I want to take a picture now!

Maybe Aunt Laurie will let me use her camera.

Learning to sweep with Grandmom.

Swing that broom!

I want them both.

It's fun being outdoors.

Look, my horse!

Here I come!

Onward, Rosinante!

Time for a rest. This is my hiding place.

On the go again.

Reading with Grandmom.

This box is mine! I'm going to live here from now on.

Granddad got this neat globe.

Clara's fifth Christmas - with the Bells. Love that wrapping paper!

Clara shows Catherine a new book.

Clara trying to teach Catherine to read.

Mama and Catherine help Clara read some more.

Sitting with Mama watching the trains go by.

Trains down the hall.

There are only two trains in this pictures. Timing is everything.

A remote control for Clara. Oh goody!

Four generations.

It was such a nice day.

A family portrait.

Kristin and Clara.

Clara enjoys this picture thing.

In the plane on the way home.

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