Our Baby


Let me know if you find any typos on this page. I did the whole page with one hand while holding Clara with the other. Not the best way for speed typing, or for accuracy.

Tigger meets Clara.

He was very confused at first. All the cats started howling the first time she cried.

Tigger is now so possesive, He chirps at her when she cries and tries to calm her down. Very cute.

Bella is much more wary, but her female instinct is taking over. She is always there when Clara cries chirping at her.


More Bella introductions. Cassie also made her acquaintance, but is somewhat jealous. After all, Cassie thinks it's her cradle.


Dad and Clara spending some quality time together.


Clara in the family cradle. The cradle is almost 200 years old, having been first used by Kristin's great-great grandfather, Theodore Clay Jones, born in 1845, or possibly even his father. Kristin also used it.

Cassie being cute. Even though it's not a picture of Clara, the cats are still a part of the family and deserve some pictures here.

Clara asleep in the family cradle. She seems to like it there.

Tigger curled up on the bed and Clara in the cradle. He would really like to get in with her, but isn't allowed.

Tigger standing guard over the sleeping Clara.

Clara in her swing with a toy - still sleeping.

Clara having her first piano lesson. She seems to like the sound of the piano, but only in small doses.

Dad and Clara at the piano. Like most of my students, she falls asleep during lessons from sheer boredom.

Her first bath at home. She like this one much better than those at the hospital.

Oh no! I don't want to look!

Clara with mama.

She's not sleepy now.

Clara loves mama.

Hands up! A typical sleeping position for Clara.

When we woke up this morning, here was Clara turned on her side. No matter how I tried to get her on her back, she'd just turn right over.

Mama was definitely tired this morning, so I let her sleep. Cassie kept watch. Notice the feet out - Clara gets this from her mom.

Clara was a little intimidated by her new toys, so she cried.

She finally settled down. The toy on the right has a mirror on the bottom. She especially didn't like that one.

She hated her first bath. Now she goes to sleep during it. It makes her much less slippery.

Asleep after her bath.

Since we don't have a movie camera, this will have to do to illustrate Clara's dancing ability.

My two tired girls.

Clara asleep in the swing - this picture is for Grandma Commer, who wanted to see more pictures with her hair.

The fabric on this swing is sure interesting.

Clara is ready to go visit the neighbors.

Still waiting for Mom and Dad

Cassie at sunset - not a baby pictures (although Cassie has been our baby for years), but it sure was pretty.

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