Our Baby

Sixteen Months

New Pictures added on January 1

Clara is sixteen months olds now. She has added three new teeth, with more on the way. She's also had her first ear infection - luckily it wasn't too bad and she got over it quickly. As always, she's a girl on the go. Running is her favorite activity. She likes to run in the yard and also likes to get out and walk on her stroller rides. She's very curious about everything around her. At least not everything goes into the mouth anymore. She's also using many more understandable words and really likes to sing. Much to the cat's chagrin, she's decided that they are fun to try to pick up. Cassie actually puts up with it, to a point. Bella just hides whenever Clara is anywhere close.

Clara at sixteen months.

Clara with Daddy before the pictures.

I like being held!

This is the most fun.

Ok, enough of the mushy stuff. It's time to run!


Clara giggling at the cameraman. (2.1 MB)

Lest anyone get the idea that Clara is always neat when she eats...

This blueberry applesauce is quite tasty!

I like smearing it all over my face.

What do you think you're looking at?

Two spoons are better than one.

I can get twice as much food now!

Clara certainly likes to talk. She does so in this video clip. And then she breaks into song! (7.3 MB)

Speaking of talking, I sure do like the phone.

I've got my own cell phone.

Of course, the battery is dead, but it's still fun.

Stop listening in on my conversations!

I'll just hide under here until you all go away.

Look, I can wear Dad's shoes.

If I can just figure out how to get my foot into it.

There - it fit's perfectly!

Clara learns how to care for a baby. She still has a ways to go. (5.1 MB)

Clara the morning after her run-in with a bookcase in day care.

My first black eye. But Mama always makes things better!

Hmmm. I wonder what these are for.

This must be it.

Wow! Daddy has big hands!

Running in the basement with Little Lamb.

I'm going to hide in the closet.

Gimme that pacifier!

Food is one of my favorite things.

Applesauce is especially yummy.

I could eat this at every meal!

Clara visits with Great-Grandma Jones.

And here with Great-Grandpapa watching her.

Would you believe I drank the whole thing?

Who knew there were so many toys here?

And a chair just my own size.

Now let's fill this thing up again!

Playing quartet music is fun!

What are you guys doing over there?

Is this a repeat?

I'm going to play quartet one day too.

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