Our Baby

Fifteen Months

New Pictures added on November 19

Clara is fifteen months olds now. She weighs 22 pounds 5 ounces and is 30 and 3/4 inches long. She runs everywhere and is very active (as you may have noticed from previous videos). She has started singing a lot. She sings the Cleanup Song from daycare, and Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Lightly Row. She actually has pretty good intonation. She likes to look through her books or have one of us read them to her. She has tried many new kinds of foods and likes them all (except for green beans). She can also walk up a few stairs by herself standing up (not on her knees). Oh - and kicking a ball is fun too.

Clara at fifteen months.

Clara with a paper tape, trying to become a rhythmic gymnast. Maybe someday... (4.7 MB)

Clara running around in the piano room.

Looking up at Mama.

Now in the bedroom.

Back in the kitchen.

I think I'm wearing down.

Maybe Daddy will ready me a book.

Screeching down the hall - over and over! (4.9 MB)

Clara with her new hat and a book.

I am just the height of fashion.

Now to find someone to help me read this book.

Will you help me?

On the go again.

This is absolutely my favorite hat!

Playing with Mama's purse, and showing her great walking ability. (6.9 MB)

Getting ready for some yoga.

The Downward-Facing Dog.

Clara in her first Hallowe'en costume.

She's a fairy princess. She loves her wand.

I will grant you one wish...

This costume is sure nice. I love the layers.

Arise, Sir Knight!

One cool pumpkin kitty.

Clara gets into the laundry again.

A closeup as she runs by.

Still (always) on the run.

Looking for something to climb.

How about the window?

The cello case is always fun.

Look at this strange toy I found.

It's so stretchy and slinky.

I'll just carry it around for a while.

Clara works on her rhythmic skills by playing the bodhran and pounding on the cello case. (3.0 MB)

Hiding under the table is lots of fun.

The cats do it, so it must be OK for me too.

Some quiet time with Mama.

Clara is on a rescue mission.

Little Lamb is being held under the table.

Nothing will deter me!

Success! Little Lamb is safe once again.

Clara in full "run" mode. There seems to be something on the ceiling. (3.4 MB)

Clara loves her Daddy - really! (1.6 MB)

Clara tastes her first lime.

Wow! This is really good!

I like it even though it's green.

Mama, you can make a key lime pie anytime! (Daddy says so too)

Here's my ball.

It's so much fun to play with.

And I get lots of exercise, too.

Balls are the best invention ever!

Clara plays with her ball and talks a lot. (8.6 MB)

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