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Fourteen Months

New Pictures added on October 18

Clara is fourteen months olds now. As you may have noticed from the previous month's postings, she is walking and running everywhere. Her vocabulary is much larger. Besides "No" and "Mine", she can say "Wet" and "Row, Row, Row" and can make lots of sounds. Her favorites are cows and bees. She's also growing rapidly. She can now reach the handle on the front door and reach the top of Kristin's dresser. Now everything has to be moved back. As much as she likes to run, her favorite thing is to have Daddy pick her up and hold her as high as possible for as long as possible - preferably where there's a light fixture or something else to play with.

Clara at fourteen months.

Clara climbs the stairs with a little help from Mama.

See, I can do it by myself too.

Getting ready to run.

See how messy I can make my room. I must be almost a teenager!

Clara spends some time with Mama's shoes.

Brushing her hair after her bath.

This is where it all happened...

Whee! Let's go running!

There's nothing better than sitting in Daddy's chair.

Unless it's jumping in Daddy's chair.

Or just relaxing.

Clara discovers toilet paper. At least she doesn't tear it up, like Cassie does. (2.5 MB)

Clara likes Cassie. She also likes making a mess. (3.1 MB)

Clara is a budding drummer, like most kids. (1.4 MB)

In the closet again. Mama's dirty clothes are lots of fun to play with.

Hey look, I've got a shoe!

Now I've got two of them!

I wonder what I can do with them now?

Maybe I can bang the shoe and make music.

Or I could hide behind the dresses.

Put that camera down or I'm coming to get you!

Let's get all the shoes!

Clara really enjoys eating her yogurt. And making faces at the strange people taking her picture. (3.3 MB)

Clara in her new purple pajamas.

Clara had pictures at school today.

This was the new dress she wore for the pictures.

No time to stop - I've got to keep on moving...

Clara got to go on her first cruise around Portsmouth Harbor on the Thomas Laighton.

Here's Portsmouth.

Clara really liked looking at the shore.

Daddy attempts to hold her.

Time for a snack.

Some fall foliage.

I'd really like to run around now.

A sailboat.

Clara checks things out.

A panoramic view of the mouth of Portsmouth Harbor.

As it got darker and chillier, we retreated inside.

Clara being held before the running started.

A lighthouse.

Boy am I thirsty.

Is some of that food for me? Clara's favorite of the evening was the quesedillas with salsa. She really liked the salsa.

I'm getting ready to run...

Soon after, Clara did start to run. Even though the boat was rolling a bit, she maintained her balance and spent the rest of the evening running around in circles on the lower deck. She made lots of friends along the way. Needless to say, she slept well that night.

Clara's class pictures.

Clara in action. It's almost bedtime, so we know that means she's on a tear. She's quite vocal in this clip too. (5.1 MB)

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