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Thirteen Months

New Pictures added on September 23

Clara is thirteen months olds now. She is walking without too much help. Being Clara, she doesn't just want to walk, she wants to run. So she falls down a lot still. She has eight teeth with more on the way. Her favorite phrase is "Uh-oh", followed closely by "No!". She has quite a vocabulary, most of it still unintelligible. But she can count (if she thinks you're not listening to her). Plus she gets into everything she's not supposed to. A typical child.

Clara at thirteen months.

Clara has fun with Mom after the official pictures are over. Sorry about chopping off your head, Mom.

One good chop deserves another. Clara being held by Dad.

Trying to settle Clara down for bed.

Little Lamb is her best friend.

It's hard to give a kiss when you have a pacifier.

But hugs are always good.

Clara is doing much better at walking every day, as shown in this little movie. (4.7MB)

I had some complaints that the original movie was a bit dark. It looked fine on my computer, so I've created another version with the image brightened significantly. It looks a bit washed out to me, but if you couldn't see the other then try this one. (4.9MB - who knew that adding brightness would make it bigger)


It was the most convenient place to put my cup.

Plus it makes things really messy.

And we all know I like it messy!

Would you like some, Dad?

The final resting place.

Now let's see what's under the bowl...

We went to Butternut Farm to pick peaches. Clara helped.

I'm going to make my escape now.


Ooops! Dad caught me.

I'll just sit in the wagon and have a little snack.

I like to look at pictures with breakfast.


Hey! That's one of me.

And you're in it too, Dad!

Clara should be getting ready for bed. Do you think she wants that? No, bedtime is running time for her. This is a rather long clip. Warning - some of it is rather dark, because she kept going into dark rooms. I lightened it as much as I could without totally destroying the picture quality. (6.8 MB)

Clara likes to play with her Mom's car keys. They rattle so nicely.

Sitting in the piano room with Dad.

I like this rocking chair, even if it is a little big for me.

Play that piece again, Dad. I think I heard a wrong note!

Breakfast is always a good meal for me.

I like eating my cereal.

Hey, I can even let go.

Look, ma, no hands!

Cassie decided to help with the laundry.

She found her spot and wasn't going to move.

Just cover me up. It's nice and warm in here.

Clara with her new necklace.

It's really the strap for the camera case.

But put a sock with it and it becomes quite the fashion accessory.

Let me into this closet!

Look, I've still got pink kitty.

Are we having fun tonight!

Clara once again running up and down the hall. She is a very active little girl. And quite vocal. She's even starting to say a few words. (3.8 MB)

Clara sits in her new armchair.

It's a Pooh chair. My favorite!

This chair is so comfortable. And I can get into it and out of it all by myself!

Clara once again running with her necklace. She does have a good time. (5.2 MB)

Clara doesn't stand a chance. Cassie likes all her stuff.

Now Cassie is the princess.

Even Tigger has to have a turn. It's a popular chair.

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