Our Baby

Eleven Months

New Pictures added on July 19

Clara is now eleven months old. She weighs almost 21 pounds. She's been growing a lot. She can stand now and cruises around the furniture and footstools. She can also climb the steps (slowly) and crawl (quickly). She knows what she's not supposed to get into and goes to it immediately. She had a wonderful time visiting with her great-grandparents and getting to see the ocean up close for the first time. Her first swimming lesson is coming up soon. And she's looking forward to her first birthday.

Clara at eleven months.

Clara usually loves to get her picture taken. But this time she was squirmy and just wanted to crawl around and not look at the camera, making it very difficult to get any good pictures. I did, however, make this short movie so you can see the kind of fun I was having.

Clara spinning and exploring. 4.5MB

Clara in front of the roses.

Do they really have thorns? Let's find out!

These flowers sure are pretty.

Clara relaxing with Dad and reading a wine catalog.

Pretty pictures. Can we visit sometime?

Can I get some of the grape juice?

Clara's first swimming lesson at the Dover indoor pool.

She does like the water.

Whee! Go faster, momma!

Floating on her back.

I'm really swimming now.

OK, you can let go anytime.

Perhaps synchronized swimming is in my future.

Thanks for doing this, Mom. I'm really having fun!

The following six pictures were taken in the Infant Room at the CSDC by the teachers there. Even though some of them are obviously older, I thought it would be nice to have them on the site.

Playing with the bubble wrap.

Finger painting is fun!

Enjoying the bubbles in the water table.

Climbing the stairs. This is now one of Clara's favorite things to do.

At the top.

That was a hard climb. I think I'll take a break now.

Clara sits in Dad's rocking chair.

She really likes to rock.

This chair is just the right size.

All that rocking really tires a girl out.

A short video of Clara rocking in the chair. She wasn't making any sounds - just enjoying the motion. (1.6MB)

Clara and Olivia at our staff picnic.

Olivia is a month older than Clara.

Olivia seems to be a bit camera-shy.

Clara works on her standing.

Olivia applauds Clara's efforts.

Olivia is one. Clara just wants the bottle. And it's not even hers!

Clara's first taste of real watermelon.

Wow! This stuff is really good.

Leslye makes Clara laugh.

The picnic wasn't enough. I want to ride in the box.

Cassie thinks it's her box. She's just waiting for Clara to leave.

Clara peeks in the tub. It's not bath time yet.

Standing by the sideboard.

Clara sits under a chair in the computer room and plays with one of the cats' toys.

Now let's go find some of my own!

Asleep in the stroller after a nice walk.

Clara sits under her high chair in the kitchen.

Look how strong I am!

I so enjoy being mobile.

I can push this thing all over the kitchen!

Boy, this cereal is good!

I can eat just as well as all the adults do.

I don't know why they make me eat in this high chair.

I'm just as capable as mommy and daddy!

Clara's final swim lesson for the summer.

She really enjoys the water.

Sitting on a raft with her friend Dishnu.

Balancing on the raft.

Look at me! I'm swimming!

Having fun with Daddy.

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