Our Baby

Ten Months

New Pictures added on June 18

Clara is now ten months old. She weighs exactly 20 pounds. That makes her quite heavy to carry around. She's looking forward to her great-grandparents visit in June. They'll be here for her eleven month birthday. She's also having a really good time at day care. She gets to go outside a lot and that's one of her favorite things.

Clara at ten months.

Clara sleeps in strange positions.

Her Grandma Simunac got her a toy piano for an early birthday present.

She seems to like it a lot.

What's that piece that daddy plays?

Thank you! Thank you!

My Chopin is pretty good so far.

Clara playing with her toys.

Sitting in the grass in front of the azalea.

I don't really want my picture taken right now, thank you.

Sitting by the rose bush.

Wave to the camera!

Dad and the lilacs.

I sure like being outside.

I can stand up with a little help.

Look ma - no hands!

I'll be walking any day now.

Clara with a pony tail.

Look at all my teeth!

Someone tell me how this is comfortable.

I like to make a mess when I eat.

It's such fun!

Eating is one of my favorite things.

Good thing I'm washable.

We went to a Memorial Day picnic at our neighbors, the Chalues.

Clara got to sit in an old rocking chair.

Let's see how fast I can make it go.

I like this rocking stuff. Let's do some more!

Playing with the laundry.

Towels are fun.

Dad, what are you doing with that camera?

The pillowcase is out to get me.

Where'd everyone go?

Another of Clara's strange sleeping positions.

Attacked by the laundry basket.

You'll never take me alive!


Clara in the play center with a cell phone.

Winnie the Pooh is one of my favorite books.

I really like reading.

That's a good joke, Dad.

You really make me laugh.

I think I'll crawl over to you now.

Tigger relaxing. Obviously Clara is not in the room.

Three videos showing Clara talking, playing and crawling. She's actually much more vocal than is shown here. She tends to restrain herself whenever the camera is on. How does she know?

Playing with her sock, playing with the egg and talking. (1.6MB)

Having fun with her sock. (2.5MB)

Look out, Tigger! (3.1MB)

Clara playing under her play center.

I can hide under here.

Oooops! You caught me, Dad!

I'll just get out now - somehow...


Reading is a nice evening activity, although I'd rather be running around right now.

I like my books.

Sitting with great-grandma LaVerne.

I'm going to be squirmy now.

Great-grandpa Jake is making noises.

A quiet moment.

Having fun with the play center.

These cups are some of my favorite toys.

Help - I'm surrounded!

Feed me now!!!!!

A picnic by the ocean.

All of us at Cape Elizabeth.

My, these car keys are tasty.

Clara can stand using the footstool.

After moving the books, which is what she was really after.

Clara with great-grandma LaVerne and great-grandpa Jake.

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