Our Baby

Nine Months

New Pictures added on May 14

Clara is now nine months old. She weighs 19 pounds 3 ounces and is 27 3/4 inches long. She's becoming more mobile, although she still shows no interest in crawling. Rolling is more her thing. And she'd love to walk, if only her legs would let her. She's now a world traveller - she's been to 14 states so far. She gets to fly back to Kansas City to visit her great-grandparents, grandparents, aunt and uncle and all of our friends there. Such fun!

Clara at nine months.

Clara sits with the daffodils.

It's so nice being outside.

Except for the bugs out here.

Clara gets her hands on a phone at last.

I wonder what all these buttons do?

Happy in her play center.

On the floor with her toys.

I like to play with shapes.

What I really want to do is get up and run around. One of these days...

Nothing better than some time with the animals after a tough day of playing.

Whatever makes you comfortable...

Tigger curls up in a sack.

If I can't play the guitar, I can at least eat the capo!

A tree in our front yard. Spring is nice.

A rhododendron.

Clara sitting outside.

Look at this pretty flower.

I'll tear it up. And those dry leaves too.

Was that a bird?

Clara enjoying the spring day.

We took our trip to Kansas City in early May. Clara had lots of fun making friends in the airports and on the planes. She's a very good traveller - usually happy and smiling. In KC she got to see her grandparents, great-grandparents, aunt and uncle and all her friends at Blue Valley and Luyben Music. She also got to attend another quartet practice, which she thought was lots of fun until she fell asleep.

Clara wearing a dress her mother wore as a child.

Clara sitting with dad.

Clara trying to get away from dad (a common occurrence).

Looking out the window with her uncle Preston.

Talking with great-grandmother Jones.

This glasses case is really tasty!

Sitting on the floor with Rachel and Paul.

You guys are really cool to come down here with me!

Playing with her toys.

Clara's favorite game - knock off the frog.

Sitting in a high chair that was used by her mother and grandmother and great aunt.

So where's the food?

Sitting on grandma Simunac and petting the dog.

Grandmothers are fun!

So are grandads.

Now where can I go?

We visited my old bosses, Ruth and Forrest Weddle.

They had a swing in their yard. Clara loved it.

Clara wearing Forrest's hat. She loves all hats.

Swinging with mommy.

See - I've got that hat again.

Swinging is lots of fun.

Why did we stop?

Trying to crawl.

This is really tough work.

I'm going to get there eventually.

Sitting on the sofa with Aunty Em and cousin Lexi.

Clara and her aunt Emily.

Lexi likes to hold Clara.

Grandma Betty gives her a coaster.

Grandpa Joe with Lexi and Clara.

Clara hugs Keesa. She likes animals.

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