Our Baby

Eight Months

New Pictures added on Apr. 16

Clara is now eight months old. She's growing up very fast. She talks a lot now - babbling, really. Her teeth are still coming in. None have been too difficult so far, except for the drool. She can stand up with a little assisstance. She's very interested in the world around her. She watches everything very intently. She's also getting ready for her first plane trip - we're going to Florida in April to visit the grandparents.

Clara at eight months.

Getting dressed for her pictures.

Clara relaxes with mommy afterwards.

Hey, there's a cat walking by.

Clara's box of toys.

She's quite adept at getting them out.

Come here, Bob! (Bob is the catepillar)

Whee! This is fun!

Clara gets her first try at feeding herself.

She did a very good job, with a little help.

Look, mom, I got it right!

Well, most of the time, anyway.

It's much more fun when mommy does it.

Now let's try the sippy cup.

Clara in the laundry basket.

Apparently her mother did this when she was a child.

Clara certainly seems to enjoy it.

Clara in her new spring hat.

Trying to be Humphrey Bogart.

Hats are kind of cool.

Clara got to fly for the first time on her trip to Florida. She was very popular in the airport and on the planes. Besides being cute, she has never met a person she didn't like. So she smiles and giggles a lot. Plus she doesn't cry too much. All in all, a very good little traveller.

In Pensacola, Clara got to stay at the Commer condo in Gulf Breeze. The weather was much warmer than New Hampshire. Clara enjoyed not having to get bundled up to go outside. And having the windows open. Still, she was very excited to get back to her own room at the end of the week. There's no place like home!

The view from the balcony of the condo.

Looking back at the condo.

Clara was fascinated by the ducks.

Mom and Clara observing.

Sitting on the dock.

On the dock with her grandparents.

Clara looking cool in her pink hat.

Checking out the guys.

Clara really enjoys time outdoors.

Clara thought Mom looked pretty funny with the goggles. She didn't get to swim because it was too chilly.

Granddad pushing her stroller at the zoo.

Clara got to see roosters...

and orangutans and lots of other animals.

But the best animals were at home in her very own crib.

Here's a frog that climbed the window every night.

Big, strong Clara doing some weight lifting with her ball.

She really enjoyed playing with the ball and was quite adept at catching it.

Daddy got back from Orlando with a gift - Walter D. Bear.

Clara certainly seemed to enjoy her new toy.

Playing with her granddad.

Ooops! You caught me!

Playing with her telephone - a very obnoxious toy that she loves.

Clara with her first solid food - a biter biscuit.

It took her a while to figure out what to do with it. Funny, everything else goes in her mouth right away.

Clara in her new sundress.

Playing in her new sundress.

More floor time in her new sundress.

With cousin Anne Blackwell.

Moses takes over the baby carrier.

A family portrait.

Sitting with Daddy at the computer.

Clara got an Easter card from the Commer grandparents. I'll read it first.

It's fun playing with this card.

Let's tear it up now.

I'll eat the card from the Simunac grandparents.

Cards are versatile and fun!

Easter morning. Look at this basket.

There's got to be more in here.

Ooops! Lost my balance.

Here's a nice pink egg.

Look! It comes apart!

Now let's play with the truck.

Here's the Muppet Show. I wonder what that is?

Eggs are for eating.

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