Our Baby

Seven Months

New Pictures added on Mar. 12

Clara is seven months old now. She's much bigger (and heavier). No need to lift weights with her around. She sits up all the time and really wants to stand and walk. She still shows no interest in crawling - that's baby stuff. Walking is the ticket. She's also eating more vegetables. Squash is her favorite so far.

Clara at seven months.

Sitting with dad.

This is kind of fun.

Mom, put that camera away!

Cassie takes over the boppy.

Apparently everything of Clara's really belongs to Cassie.

Our new car - we finally got the Highlander Hybrid.

Besides playing the piano, Clara likes to sit on it too.

She still needs some help, especially when she's so high off the ground.

She also likes looking out the front window. Everything's better from on high.

Clara really likes her new high chair.

Let's have some rice cereal.

Everything tastes better up here.

Let's lick Daddy's head!

Quite a view from the top.

Mommy's making faces.

Higher, Daddy, higher!

Our shed and neighbor's house during the storm.

The lilac hedge - much nicer in springtime.

What better way to spend a cold winters day.

A tree in our front yard. We eventually got about a foot of snow.

Clara likes her musical instruments. Here she plays the bodhran, an Irish goatskin drum.

The stick is quite tasty.

Cassie comes to check it out.

I've got rhythm!

Daddy can play the guitar.

Clara likes to listen.

This is a fun song.

Can I play too?

Your hands are much bigger than mine.

And the strings feel so funny.

Clara also likes the piano.

My tempo, please.

Here, let me show you how it's supposed to go.

After a long day of making music, the crib is nice.

Hey! There's a cat in my crib.

It's fun having Cassie visit.

Clara is learning to drink from a real glass.

It's somewhat challenging.

Wow, is that good stuff!

Dad, what are you looking at?

Clara listening to the Beatles.

Sgt. Pepper's is lots of fun.

Daddy is singing along. That's pretty funny.

I love the beat!

Lucy In The Sky is such a weird song.

I could do this all day.

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