Our Baby

First Days in the Hospital

Just moments after birth - her first picture.

Another - what a head of hair!

One more.

The first family picture - Clara is content and Kristin and I are dead tired, but really happy.

Clara and Mom again. Clara was very alert from the beginning.

She was not happy with her first bath.

Taking a nap after her first bath. This is much better.


More sleeping. She's been doing a lot of that so far. Hopefully it will continue.

A very tired mom.

Clara after my first attempt at changing her diaper. You've probably noticed her bountiful head of hair.

Our birthing room at the hospital.

Clara sleeping - she's a day old now!

The proud papa helping out - it won't fool her for long.



Flowers from Aunt Laurie and Uncle Mark.


Kristin gets to eat for a change. Too bad it's only hospital food.

Clara after a feeding. She always spends some time looking around before drifting off.




Still looking.

Now she's just shy.


Ready to go home.

On our way out the door.

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