In early 2001, one of my co-workers told me about a house they were going to rent. It was on their 98 acre farm in unincorporated Johnson County. And it was significantly closer to work than where I was at the time. Since the rent was reasonable, I decided to move in. It was a beautiful location! Here are some pictures.

The front of the house, and the front yard.


The porch.


The front yard.


The side yard - looking towards where the original homestead was.


The back yard, complete with the cows.

Looking toward the road from the front yard.

In February of 2002, Kansas City had a huge ice storm. The storm did a lot of damage around town. Here are some pictures from the farm both during and after the storm.

Our driveway during the storm.

In the front yard, during the storm.

The back of the house, during the storm.

The house, after the storm.

Trees in the front yard, the day after.

A tree in the side yard, the day after.


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